Master the Leadership Skills Essential to Tackling THE Biggest Leadership Challenges
With Our 4-month LEADERSHIP FOUNDATIONS Training & Coaching Program 
Build your capacity to navigate the complexities of leading people including:
  • ​Maximizing the performance of any employee, no matter their skills or personalities
  • ​Eliminating bad behavior and employee entitlement
  • ​Resolving issues, regardless of the context or the people involved
  • ​Handling difficult conversations with employees, peers and even your boss!
  • ​Increasing delegation so you can stop reacting and working in the weeds...
Testimonials from Program Participants...
Here is what's included in Leadership Foundations
Leading With Authority Intro
This first module gives an overview of the emotional intelligence, leadership and behavioral competencies required to lead with authority and addresses beliefs and challenges you’ll have to deal with as you grow your leadership potency.  
Building Self-Awareness
Develop this key Emotional Intelligence competency. Learn to lead authentically by recognizing your leadership persona and how it limits your behavior. Complete a personal S.W.O.T. analysis to develop accurate self-assessment and learn to be an effective leader. 
Learn the difference between controlling emotions and managing the impulses that cause reactive or adaptive behaviors. Understand how fear ignites self-protective behavior in self and others. Learn to depersonalize so as not to react to employees.
Employee Behavior
Learn to observe, assess and understand the behavior of others without judging it. Use behavioral awareness to assess how employees need to be led so you can engage them productively. Learn how to uncover potential issues with individual performance. 
Communication & Active Listening
Learn the communication basics including the key rules of communication, the communication loop, how to avoid communication pitfalls and communicating so employees will listen. Master active listening.
Leading With Authority Part 1
In this module, discover the Stages of Performance Development which maps the process employees go through while gaining mastery. Learn the how to meet the learning and development needs of employees at each stage.
Leading With Authority Part 2
Go deeper into the 4 leadership approaches needed during the Stages of Performance Development. Learn to effectively align leadership behavior with the competency and development levels of your employees.
You’ll learn how, using the SMART criterion to set and communicate expectations. Work through the emotional barriers and patterns that get in the way of directing employee performance by using clear expectations.
Learn to give feedback in a transactional fashion. Address challenges and self-limiting beliefs about not giving feedback. Use a planned approach to giving feedback including consequences and accountability.
Dealing With Resistance
Develop skills to deal with resistance and complaining from employees. Learn how resistance is normal in the learning process, the different ways employees resist and why.  Master conducting difficult conversations.  
In this module, we teach you how to decide what the issue actually is and how to separate feelings from issues. Taking a planned approach and using our Issue Resolution Planner, learn how to quickly get to the root of the issue and solve it.  
Assertiveness / Taking Initiative
 Learn what gets in the way of asserting yourself and taking initiative. Find out the difference between aggression and assertiveness and the reasons for submissive, permissive and passive behavior that gets in the way.  
Plus you will receive the following additional resources as part of your enrollment in LEADERSHIP FOUNDATIONS Program...
Leadership Style Assessment & Report
Copy of So, You Think You Can Lead?
Email support from our leadership experts
Weekly live group coaching sessions 
Also included are the Leadership Foundations kick off modules, accountability check ins to ensure you are progressing through the program, and wrap up modules to keep you applying your new skills and building your capacity to lead with authority and potency!
Sean - Construction
Thank you Anne & Heather! I cannot believe how much I have learned through your program. My leading is so much better with all of my new awareness and skills! Wish I had taken the program sooner, for sure. 
Pam - Public Service
I never knew that I could feel this focused and in control as a leader. I immediately saw an impact on my employees and my level of frustration. And, I am seeing the benefits at home too!
Blake - Entrepreneur
For the first time, I am truly loving being a leader and seeing my effectiveness grow. Its been a game changer for me and I am so thankful that I came across your program when I did. Thanks a million! 
Danielle - Brand Exp.
I never knew that I could feel this focused and in control as a leader. I immediately saw an impact on my employees and my level of frustration. And, I am seeing the benefits at home too!
This isn't just another online course...
This is YOU becoming the leader you are MEANT TO BE!
Don't Go It Alone
Most leaders embark on this journey alone, trying to sift through hundreds of leadership techniques and resources to develop their skills on their own. Or, they wait for their organizations to decide to do something for them.

As a result of all of this trial and error, they too often end up making the situation even worse by following bad advice (keep your employees happy!) or skip the parts that leave them feeling uncomfortable (like giving honest feedback). They end up giving up, believing its not possible or that they are powerless to change, or waiting, and waiting and waiting...

We have seen this happen all too often. So, we designed this program to give leaders the ability to take their development into their own hands, to access the right training, tools and coaching to start moving towards their potential.

This program gives you the support, encouragement and structure to ramp up your leadership impact.
Meet Anne Dranitsaris & Heather Dranitsaris-Hilliard...
Over the past 25 years, we have trained and coached hundreds of leaders and entrepreneurs from major global brands. This is the first time we are offering our proven approach to individuals.  
Co-authors of So, You Think You Can Lead? and Who Are You Meant to Be?, we are experts in behavior and leadership development - AND LEADERS TOO! 

We understand why people behave the way they do, and provide our clients with proven approaches to maximizing their effectiveness as leaders. 

We provide a clear roadmap for each individual we work with to achieve their leadership potential by giving them the wisdom AND the power to make it happen.

Our Leading With Authority Program integrates our deep and unique expertise in neuro-psychology and personality development, behavioral change as well as leadership training and coaching to ensure leaders see tangible results every time.
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