ATTENTION: For Those who are serious about Developing Their LEADERSHIP POTENTIAL...
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'Who Are You Meant to Be?' & 'From Imposter to Powerful'
So, You Think You Can Lead? Cover
Discover what It Truly Takes to develop
Leadership Authority & Potency...
So, You Think You Can Lead? Cover
Discover what It Truly Takes to develop
Leadership Authority & Potency...
What This Book Is All About:
Most leaders think they can just show up and lead. Despite all the research that leaders are developed and not born, few leaders (and organizations) actually look at leading as a profession that requires them to train, gain experience and mastery in order to be effective.

Without training, leaders develop a leadership persona which results in excessive permissiveness or autocratic behaviors as well as other BAD LEADERSHIP HABITS.

So, You Think You Can Lead? challenges the prevailing beliefs in organizations that leaders do not need to develop. It provides a clear, step by step framework to DEVELOP LEADERSHIP AUTHORITY and potency, so that leaders can fully realize their leadership potential. 

The book explains what Leading With Authority looks like, the importance of establishing and maintaining leadership authority, and each of the skills and competencies that a leader must master in order to effectively navigate the complexities of leading people.
Key Lessons From The Book:
Lesson #1: 
Why leaders feel powerless & frustrated
It's never been more challenging or more frustrating to be a leader than it is today. Discover the truth about how changing beliefs and a lack of development is leaving leaders feeling powerless to lead (and how it's NOT the fault of the employees).
Lesson #2: 
How your leadership persona gets in the way
Learn about the two adaptive leadership personas - permissive and autocratic, why leaders use them and how they undermine the effectiveness of a leader. Explore why leaders adapt their behavior to stay safe in order to SURVIVE their experience leading.
Lesson #3: 
How to lead with authority & potency
Discover what it takes to truly develop as a leader. Follow the step-by-step approach, based on the 6 Pillars of Leading With Authority framework, that shows how to build the skills needed to lead people as well as how to establish authority and lead performance.
The Story Behind the Book
A Note from the Authors
Over the past 25 years, we have coached, trained and consulted with thousands of leaders from around the world. During this time, we have seen a dramatic rise in permissive leadership practices, an approach to leading that has leaders abdicating their authority, tolerating inappropriate behaviors and too often working harder than their employees to compensate for performance issues. 

We are on a mission to give leaders the power and wisdom to lead. This book was created to give leaders (and organizations!) the insight into what happens when people are expected to just show up and lead, without any training or development. We wanted to share our proven framework that we have used with clients for years to radically change their leadership behavior and impact, giving everyone the opportunity to achieve their full potential as leaders. 
Leading With Authority is an approach to leadership mastery that is based on our expertise in personality development, brain organization and development, emotional intelligence and behavioral change, as well as leadership effectiveness and dysfunction. The book sets out in detail our proven development framework and includes real-life examples from our clients to illustrate. It provides leaders (and organizations) with a clear path to follow as they pursue becoming the leader they are meant to be.
The great news is that the power is yours to make your answer to the question:
Yes, I know I can lead!
The great news is that the power is yours to make your answer
to the question: Yes, I know I can lead!
Anne & Heather
What People Are Saying:
I wish that I had this resource years ago! Running my family business, I figured that I could learn how to lead by osmosis. No wonder I have struggled to assert my authority and address performance. 
- Jeff H, King City
So practical! I was able to start applying the learning from the book immediately, first noticing my own behavior and recognizing when I was choosing to stay safe, rather than lead. I bought copies for all my leaders. 
- Pam D, Kingston
The insights in this approach have impacted me at every level. As a 
leader, this program was a game changer for me. I highly recommend 
the book and the program - it will not disappoint!
- Danielle F, Toronto
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