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- Leadership Expert and Co-Author of So, You Think You Can Lead? -

The next How to Get Your Employees to Perform the Way You Need
Masterclass will be:

ET (New York): Thursday, September 12, 2019 @ 2 pm
PT (Los Angeles): Thursday, September 12, 2019 @ 11 am
Gain access to these exclusive techniques
The Blueprint for Establishing Authority
Leading is not just about being nice or keeping employees happy. Heather will show you how to establish your authority in a way that gets employees to follow, no matter how entitled they may be!
A Dead Simple
A-Z Roadmap
Get the secret roadmap formula that gets you leading employee performance in a way that is dead you can align employee behavior in a way that gets real results.
The "Sweet Spot" for Leading
Discover the sweet spot for leading that balances authority and potency with employee success and you can say goodbye to tolerating poor performance and behavior without losing your people.
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How to Get Employees to Perform the Way You Need, Every Time MASTERCLASS
  • Escape the frustrating cycle of asking but not getting what you need from your employees the first time to free up your time and capacity to delegate...
  • Get your employees (and others!) to follow you, no matter how entitled or impossible your circumstances seem!
  • ​Learn the exact step-by-step process to turn employee performance and behavior around, and increase results in a matter of weeks!
"I cannot believe the skills that I gained, or how much easier it was to apply than I expected. I started seeing changes in my employees immediately.
Thank you Heather!"
  - David Holly
"I cannot believe the skills that I gained, or how much easier it was to apply than I expected. I started seeing changes in my employees immediately. Thank you Heather!"                                          - David Holly
Frequently Asked Questions
How long does the MASTERCLASS go for?
The workshop goes for just over 3 hours, but it's best to set aside about 3.5 hours to get it done.

When will I be charged the remaining cost of the workshop?
The Masterclass is on sale for only $1 USD up front. We'll process the remaining $96 USD at 3PM ET the day after the workshop, unless you email and let us know you didn't receive massive value before then. Regular price for this virtual workshop is $297 USD.

Is there a pay up-front option?
Yes! With our current promotion, you also have the option of paying a non-refundable $77 USD up front to save an additional $20 USD!!

Will there be a replay I can watch later?
Yes! Once your remaining payment has been processed, you'll be sent a replay so you can check back in on what you heard!

What if I can't make it to the live MASTERCLASS?
There is more than one date and time available for you to register for. The Masterclass is offered most Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

If you can't find a time that fits your schedule, or something comes up and you can't make it live, just email us at and we'll sort something out for you.

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