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About the Authors
Anne Dranitsaris, Ph.D. &
Heather Dranitsaris-Hilliard
Anne & Heather co-authored So, You Think You Can Lead? as a result of their more than twenty year business collaboration. It was also greatly influenced by their personal journey together.

Anne gave up Heather at birth for adoption and did not see her again until their reunion when Heather was twenty-seven years old. As they began to forge their relationships, they both recognized how much they had in common despite their separation. They both had a desire to help people achieve their potential and were doing it in separate careers.

This led them to starting Caliber Leadership Systems together in 1998 just a few years after their reunion. Their consulting firm specializes in working with organizations and leaders undergoing significant transition, dealing with dysfunction, or looking to get to the next stage of growth and performance. Over the past 20+ years, they have worked with over two hundred organizations - everything from start ups, to 80 year old family businesses; from government agencies to publicly traded firms with thousands of employees worldwide; and from entrepreneurial firms to mature, stable businesses.
Other Works by Anne & Heather
So, You Think You Can Lead? is not the first book coming from Anne & Heather's long collaboration. They are the co-authors of Who Are You Meant To Be? which was published in 2013 by Sourcebooks (available on Amazon). This book is based on their neuro-psychological personality assessment and development systems, Striving Styles Personality System, which provides individuals with a step-by-step roadmap for achieving their potential based on their brain organization. 
Who Are You Meant To Be? Cover
Always Answering the Question: Why Do I behave the way I do?
Always Answering the Question: 
Why Do I behave the way I do?
In addition, leveraging Anne's extensive expertise in personality development, neuroscience and emotional intelligence, they have published hundreds of books based on the Striving Styles and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator that help people on their journey to improve their relationships, effectiveness as leaders and employees, and to achieve their potential in their careers and life.
Who Are You Meant To Be? Cover
Anne Dranitsaris, Ph.D.
A highly sought after Executive and Corporate Leadership Coach and Consultant, Anne has over 30 years’ experience working with the senior ranks of leaders from entrepreneurial start-ups to international organizations.

During the late 1980’s, while working as Director of Development for two successful start-ups, Anne experienced first-hand the challenges that entrepreneurs encountered as they go through the normal stages of organizational growth. Realizing that even the most successful businesses reach a point where growth is stalled, she became one of Toronto’s first executive coaches. Anne has done extensive work on global leadership development initiatives, providing both individual coaching and facilitating high performance team development at the executive and senior leader levels
Anne has developed a unique understanding of what gets in the way of people becoming high caliber leaders. Her powerful insight into the emotional drivers of behavior moves leaders quickly past barriers to their success and that of their organization. While conflict is a normal part of organizational life, conflict on leadership teams creates silos, chaos and a negative work environment for employees. Anne’s approach facilitates clients to quickly resolve conflicts that interfere with organizational success and the well-being of leaders.

Anne’s work using psychometric assessment, psychological type, emotional intelligence and the dynamics of human behavior, influenced the development of the Striving Styles® Personality System (SSPS®) – a neuro-psychological approach to discovering and developing your full potential. 

Anne is an expert in the neuro-psychology of personality and its applications in leadership development, as well as a seasoned entrepreneur with several businesses of her own.

Heather Dranitsaris-Hilliard
Over the past 25 years, Heather has worked with the CEOs and senior leadership teams at more than 300 companies, facilitating organizational and leadership transformation with Caliber’s unique approach, helping her clients to break through limitations and evolve their organizations to fully achieve their potential. Long-term relationships with clients are evidence of her ability to add tangible value to their businesses.

Blending systems-thinking with behavioral dynamics, Heather has spent her entire career guiding clients out of dysfunction, chaos and more on the way to achieving higher levels of performance and realizing potential at the personal, team, leader and organizational level. She brings a unique behavioral lens into any project – understanding brain organization and the emotional drivers of behavior – combined with a practical orientation to implementing processes that provide the structure for effective team and leadership functioning.
Heather's clients are executives and entrepreneurs, typically in high growth organizations who engage her to work with their teams at all levels. Her logical and analytical style is highly valued by senior leaders, who find her pragmatic and realistic solutions foster rapid change and tangible results. 

More than a facilitator or coach, Heather is a strategic thinker who can step in to ‘lead the leaders’ when necessary to bring change quickly.

Heather is a powerful speaker who offers outstanding content and learning. She has been a highly rated keynote speaker at a variety of conferences, workshops and events including HRPA, I4PL, BCHRMA, Entrepreneur’s Organization and the Vancouver Board of Trade. 

The Story Behind the Book
A Note from the Authors
Over the past 25 years, we have coached, trained and consulted with thousands of leaders from around the world. During this time, we have seen a dramatic rise in permissive leadership practices, an approach to leading that has leaders abdicating their authority, tolerating inappropriate behaviors and too often working harder than their employees to compensate for performance issues. 

We are on a mission to give leaders the power and wisdom to lead. This book was created to give leaders (and organizations!) the insight into what happens when people are expected to just show up and lead, without any training or development. We wanted to share our proven framework that we have used with clients for years to radically change their leadership behavior and impact, giving everyone the opportunity to achieve their full potential as leaders. 

Leading With Authority is an approach to leadership mastery that is based on our expertise in personality development, brain organization and development, emotional intelligence and behavioral change, as well as leadership effectiveness and dysfunction. The book sets out in detail our proven development framework and includes real-life examples from our clients to illustrate. It provides leaders (and organizations) with a clear path to follow as they pursue becoming the leader they are meant to be.
The great news is that the power is yours to make your answer to the question: Yes, I know I can lead!
Anne & Heather
What People Are Saying:
I wish that I had this resource years ago! Running my family business, I figured that I could learn how to lead by osmosis. No wonder I have struggled to assert my authority and address performance. 
- Jeff H, King City
So practical! I was able to start applying the learning from the book immediately, first noticing my own behavior and recognizing when I was choosing to stay safe, rather than lead. I bought copies for all my leaders. 
- Pam D, Kingston
The insights in this approach have impacted me at every level. As a 
leader, this program was a game changer for me. I highly recommend 
the book and the program - it will not disappoint!
- Danielle F, Toronto
Lesson #1: 
Why leaders feel powerless & frustrated
It's never been more challenging or more frustrating to be a leader than it is today. Discover the truth about how changing beliefs and a lack of development is leaving leaders feeling powerless to lead (and how it's NOT the fault of the employees!).
Lesson #2: 
How your leadership persona gets in the way
Learn about the two adaptive leadership personas - permissive and autocratic, why leaders use them and how they undermine the effectiveness of a leader. Explore why leaders adapt their behavior to stay safe in order to SURVIVE their experience leading.
Lesson #3: 
How to lead with authority & potency
Discover what it takes to truly develop as a leader. Follow the step-by-step approach, based on the 6 Pillars of Leading With Authority framework, that shows how to build the skills needed to lead people as well as how to establish authority and lead performance.
Quick Start Program
Explore your leadership style and discover the truth about your approach and effectiveness as a leader in this 8-week program.
Leadership Foundations
Develop your ability to tackle the biggest challenges - difficult conversations, performance management & issue resolution. 
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